See the real impact your donations have on the world with Givesome.


The Givecard


Benefits of the Givecard

ENGAGE your entire workforce with your giving

Benefits of the Givecard

ALIGN your charitable interests with your brand

Benefits of the Givecard

WATCH as the stories of impact get shared throughout your company and the community at large


“At Payworks we make it a priority to ‘do right by people’.  Through the Givesome Givecards, we are engaged with our 300+ people and created an impact together.  This kind of meaningful giving leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved.”

JP Perron, President, Payworks

“We recently offered Givecards to our entire staff at HFH and I was amazed at how it resonated with our people.  We had close to 100% engagement but what impressed me most were the comments my staff were making around what they chose to support.  What a great way to connect and make a difference together.”

John Martin, President & CEO, HFH Inc.

“Through the Givesome Givecards our students had the opportunity to choose a charity to support and learn something tangible about giving and generosity.  They loved the experience which benefited both our school as well as the charities who received the funds. It is in the best interest of society for our students to learn, firsthand, about the importance and benefits of being generous towards others. The Givecard project was a great success for our students!” 

Mike Anderson, Principal, Brant Ave Public School, Guelph

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